Annexe Phase 2C

The Johor State Government (“JSG”) has identified the insufficient number of meeting rooms and the necessities for expansion of Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Johor (“UPENJ”) at BDJM.

JSG has decided to have 2 new blocks or annexes to the existing building and also to upgrade and improve the existing common meeting rooms and other facilities. The Annexe A will house mainly the Meeting Hall and Banquet Hall, while Annexe B accommodates new UPENJ office.


The new wings or annexes shall be well connected to the BDJM, notably to the existing Sayap Timur (Bilik Gerakan and Dewan Bankuet) and Sayap Selatan (Bilik Tayangan). Not only the activities are to be seamlessly continued from the current movements but even more important, is the architectural look of the annexes. It must be blend very well with the rest of the building. The new interior should also match as compared to the present ambient, in order to reach a new harmony.

The design of annexes would have the façade span and the overall height more or less as the Sayap Timur and Sayap Selatan, with the Level 1 floor exactly the same as Al-Yanna to enable occupants commuting smoothly, through a pair of new link bridges. The Main Entrance Tower is uniformly design with the existing North and west Towers.