Bangunan Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad

Office of the Chief Minister and State Secretariat


The splendid seat of government


The Legislative State Assembly building and its operational arm, the Office of the Chief Minister and State Secretariat building, occupy commanding positions, facing one another along the Qiblat Axis. From its lofty position, BDJM not only oversees the administration of the state, it also overlooks the Straits of Johor, with the coastline of neighbouring Singapore in the distance; another picturesque approach to welcoming tourists, visitors and guests alike.


Designed as “a garden with a house” in the architectural context of the famed Al-Hambra’s Court of the Lions, the building is defined by three lushly landscaped areas.
Al-Yanna, Carmen and Laman Firdaus stretch the entire length of the building inside and outside, laid out in the tradition of Islamic gardens. Here, they are adapted to suit local climactic conditions such as 177.8cm of annual rainfall and average temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade all year round. It is estimated that more space has been allocated to gardens than to offices here.