Bangunan Dato’ Muhamad Salleh Perang & Bangunan Dato’ Muhamad Ibrahim Munsyi

State Department Complex


Harmonising tradition with progression


Setting a new standard in local architecture for its graceful balance between the traditional design and the contemporary stylised interpretations, this government complex is truly a workplace with a difference.

The convivial atmosphere of the kampong welcomes all through a medley of architectural nuances such as a modern construct of the Anjung Tangga, replete with a high-volume non-airconditioned lobby that is naturally ventilated, thanks to the design of the partly louvered wall and the huge louvered gable end on its topmost floor. Lighting is provided by Mother Nature, filtered through a partial glass wall and a well-positioned skylight.

One will find familiarity in the graceful lines of the long-pitched roofs and its likeness to the traditional Johor-Malay rumah bumbung panjang or ‘long roof house’ where the roof slats are angled to filter the direct rays of the sun.

From the serambi, selang and pelantar – semi-open spaces – throughout the complex to the strategically lined corridors that reduce direct heat, we continue to uphold the legacy of the Malay traditional architecture while providing a friendly and uplifting environment for active mingling, much as villagers used to do in the old days.