Excellence. Integrity. Partnership. Sustainability.

These four pillars are the backbone of our reputation, forged by our passion for the industry and built on the exceptional relationships formed with our clients.


The catalyst for partnerships

Co-creating the future

Armed with a vision to be the preferred partner in the development of the state of Johor and the nation, Cahaya Jauhar (CJSB) was formed in 2004 to create, plan, develop and maintain Kota Iskandar, the new state administrative centre of Johor. A joint venture between UEM Land Berhad and the State Secretary Johor (incorporation), we have evolved and gone beyond.

Our primary goal has always been to drive the future of world-class developments beyond the ordinary. Delivering total development solutions that embrace diverse perspectives from stakeholders to communities and the environment, we ‘co-create futures’. The powerful combination of a multi-disciplinary workforce, an innovative mindset and cutting-edge technology provides the impetus for us to breathe life into our clients’ visions, nurturing each project from the very beginning to its fitting finish.

The importance of a successful partnership can never be underestimated. We place the highest value on each connection with our clients, the project team, the consultants and the contractors. Every stage of a project receives our unwavering focus and a steadfast commitment to quality and performance, ensuring our clients absolute peace of mind.

  • Project Identification
  • Concept planning / master planning / layout planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business models / project structure
  • Project financing
  • Project management
  • Project planning
  • Design development and management
  • Construction and contracts management
  • Facilities maintenance and management including tenancy and estate management
  • Tourism management

Our dedicated and experienced team are practice leaders in the industry, fully equipped to translate your wishes and visions into practical, innovative developments that enrich communities.


Building legacies, creating landmarks

Our passion lies in the creation of quality, innovative spaces that define an exemplary standard of living, while assimilating environment and financial sustainability. By identifying the ultimate objective of a project, our team charts a progressive and steady path to achieve its successful culmination.

At Cahaya Jauhar, we are more than a developer and builder. Think of us as lifestyle shapers, serious about enhancing the quality of life. To this end, we seek to add value at every stage of the project, pushing the boundaries of innovation and experience design to achieve the desired result – developments that transform the vision of our clients into reality – iconic districts, signature townships, eco-attuned landscapes and thriving communities.

Kota Iskandar, the multiple award winning new administrative centre of Johor, is a visionary example of innovative urban design.

From the creation of a lagoon that invites the sea inwards, to a fully-integrated automatic solid waste disposal and collection system (one of the first in the country) including its AAA rated Sukuk project financing, every level and aspect of Kota Iskandar was carefully considered to raise the bar in Malaysia.

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