At Cahaya Jauhar, we approach each project with the greatest respect for the environment. Our goal is to preserve, enhance and embrace the natural features of the land, taking as little as possible while giving back as much as is practical.

From the moment of groundbreaking, steps and practices are in place to discourage waste and conspicuous consumption. Great care goes into harmonising gardens with architecture, hardscapes and softscapes into a seamless milieu of wellbeing. By embracing nature’s gifts of breeze and light, we are able to lower energy costs in maintenance.

Over and above the functional aspect of landscaping, our signature gardens also fulfill a number of roles:

  • Education: each tree and plant is identified and accompanied by interesting facts.
  • Preservation: endangered species are given a new lease of life.
  • Cooling: natural therapy of proffered shade
  • Green lung: provides a balanced eco-system with a definite biodiversity boost for the community

To keep the extensive grounds looking their best, we looked to nature’s own remedy. Effective Microbe (EM) Technology is a sustainable alternative to harsh chemical fertilizers. Developed locally, it is organic, natural and kind to the environment and used as a fertilizer, in pest control and in pond treatment.

Our team constantly keeps abreast of the latest, newest, greenest technologies available globally so we can offer our clients the best solutions in order to achieve their visions.