The needs of our clients and the objectives of their visions drive us to explore where none have ventured before. This gives birth to innovative solutions and designs that have achieved recognition in the industry.

Our blueprint for innovation also encompasses the tangible area of value creation. It is a badge of pride that we have generated practical, efficient ways in project and cost management to ensure the successful delivery of each development. For example, the sukuk issued by CJ Capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cahaya Jauhar, was assigned AAA, the highest rating possible, with an average annual yield of 4.93%.

Of note are the first fully-integrated automated solid waste collection and disposal system serving several separate buildings in Malaysia; the first District Cooling System outside greater Kuala Lumpur; and the first non-intrusive integrated security plan with a direct link to the police. These were all employed in the development of Kota Iskandar, the new administrative centre of Johor.