Kota Iskandar

The state administrative centre of Johor


It all began with a vision.


When the decision was made to develop an administrative centre like no other before it, the source of the conceptual inspiration was obvious. Johor is a state that is laden with history, culture, heritage and natural bounty that is unique to its location in the south of Peninsular Malaysia and these characteristics are woven into almost every aspect of Kota Iskandar.

The objectives are manifold:

  • To integrate the State and Federal governments at one strategic location
  • To develop a sustainable infrastructure in an open campus-like concept
  • To create a people- and investor-friendly environment
  • To create a destination that will be the thriving political, social, cultural and tourism hub of Johor

Our team dedicated themselves to every facet of this magnificent development, from concept and master planning, to the implementation of facilities management and maintenance. Working closely with our client, we stayed on course to deliver their vision of an iconic seat of government that showcases the exemplary relationship between innovation and culturally-influenced architecture.


Everything tells a story


The concept of Kota Iskandar pays reverent tribute to the official state religion, Islam. The four main structures, Bangunan Sultan Ismail, Dataran Mahkota, Bangunan Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad and the mosque are aligned along the axis of the Qiblat with the mosque occupying the position of prominence at the highest point of the development.

Sitting in the centre of the entire administrative centre, Dataran Mahkota is the symbolic representation of the oneness of God. Radiating from the centre are six sub-axis that lead to six clusters of offices, representing the six tenets of Islam.

When viewed from above, its intricate design is reminiscent of a budding blossom, which is the architectural homage to the enormous potential of the state of Johor


Natural therapy, green and friendly

The overall landscaping of the complex is breathtaking and each green lung takes its inspiration from the architecture of the individual buildings. For instance, the Moorish-Andalusian inferences in the Central Precinct are reflected in the gardens which are loosely modeled after the Al-Hambra and Generalife in Spain. Toward the southern end, the rich green of the tropics are found in the gardens of the State Government offices that are styled after the Johor Malay traditional home.

Plants and trees indigenous to the state, especially the endangered species, have been a given a home here too, under Hutan Kita (“Our Forest”) programme. Visitors’ curiosity will enable them to discover the names of these plants as tags identify each living treasure.


Innovation at work

Our team integrated many technological firsts in Kota Iskandar, always with the objective of promoting sustainability, reducing energy costs and increasing long-term usage. Among them are Malaysia’s first fully integrated automated solid waste collection and disposal systems, the first District Cooling System outside greater Kuala Lumpur, and the first non-intrusive integrated security plan with a direct link to the District Police Headquarters.

Innovation also took the form of project financing, leading to an AAA-rated Sukuk.