I hate excuses. I love my family. I embrace knowledge. I enjoy reading. I come to the office every day, knowing that the work we do will make a difference to society. I am proud that we are creating a legacy, improving lives. It's not about short-term satisfaction - we're in it for the long haul. Next to getting the region's first experiential parliament up and running, I am also very happy to say that one of my happiest achievements in the last year is getting to spend more time with my kids.

Deputy General Manager, Facilities Management


Every time I turn a "headache" into a success, I feel a huge sense of achievement. I love the challenge of achieving goals and sparking new ideas. Can you imagine how I felt when our project won an international award? I like gardening, sustainability and finding out why. I also believe that working hard, working smart and more importantly, working as a team is the formula for success. That and with excellent planning - Malaysia Boleh - all is possible!

General Manager


Doing the right thing lets me sleep peacefully. That, and knowing that my work will benefit someone, somewhere in a positive way. I feel a sense of pride in being part of a team that changes the way people live. I believe in the power of financial acuity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Making things happen plus my love for travelling and reading go a long way.

Deputy General Manager, Finance


I think my strong sense of family values and its "togetherness" are two things that follow me to my work. It's a great team because we all share the same ideals, which makes seeing the project through easier. I relish the anticipation that morning brings. It gives me energy, ideas and inspiration to push the envelope of business innovation. And whenever the going gets tough, I turn to my kitchen sanctuary or the great outdoors with my family!

Senior Manager, Business Development